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 St Florian’s Installation Banquet Salters’ Hall
Friday 19th October 2018
4 London Wall Place, EC2Y 5DE
There are several reasons why it is believed Saint Florian earned the title of Patron Saint of fire and firefighters: legend has it that during his life, St. Florian put out a massive fire with only one bucket of water, saving a village from ruin.
  Salters’ Hall is a unique 4,200 sqm Brutalist building that is striking and modern in stature. It is now home to The Salters’ Company, a 600-year-old Livery Company and one of London’s Great Twelve Livery Companies.
Refurbished by de Metz Forbes Architects and re-opened in late 2016, the Hall is one of the only Livery Halls in the City to have been built in a more contemporary style, yet still retain a Grade II listed status for the internal spaces. Salters’ Hall is home to the newly-refurbished largest landscaped area created in the Square Mile since the First World War. The intricate refurbishment and design won Salters’ Hall the coveted RIBA London Regional Award in May 2018.
The grandeur of a Great Twelve Livery mixed with state of the art facilities is a true marriage of ancient and modern, and a perfect combination for a distinctive dining experience. Choose between three stunning rooms and a charming, secluded secret garden, all offering an impressive piece of history.

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