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Book Review
Badges of Extinction
details the arm badges worn by firemen of the insurance company brigades during the 18th and 19th Centuries. Written by two former Chairmen of the Fire Mark Circle, the book is beautifully illustrated, with many rare photographs of the badges and a description of their symbolism.
We have a copy of this hard- back book, published in 1989, in excellent condition, available for £8, plus £3 P&P to a UK address.
machines in use at the start of the GLC era, and has a Forward by our own Liveryman Mike Hebard.
Volume 2 covers appliances up to 2016, as well as having a chapter on Brigade Workshops and a series of Appendices on vehicles and Fleet Lists.
The books can be ordered from: and has a current print run of 300.
Fire Marks is part of the Shire Albums series and details the history of the distinctive plates used to identify buildings insured with particular companies. Almost 200 are illustrated in this publication.
This paper-backed booklet, a 1989 reprint of the 1973 original, is in excellent condition and is available for £3.50, plus £2.50 P&P to a UK address.
To purchase please contact
Liveryman David W Holt
  London’s Fire Engines
The ex-London Firefighter John Nadal, known for his book London’s Fire Stations, has published two new volumes entitled London’s Fire Engines. With a total of 624 pages, copiously illustrated, the two volumes are a substantial contribution to documenting the history of London’s fire appliances.
Volume 1 spans early manuals and horse-drawn appliances to
   To purchase please contact
Liveryman David W Holt
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