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THE SALAMANDER | December 2020
The Chair of the Emergency Strategic Coodination Board Upper Warden Graham Maltby gives an overview of the work undertaken If anybody would have suggested shortly after the first “Lock-Down” on 23rd March 2020
we would be in a position of special measures across the UK for just over a a a year (at the moment anyway!!) as a a a a result of the Coronavirus more than eyebrows would have been raised However we we will be in that position at at least until Easter 2021
where hopefully a a a a vaccine may well be part way through inoculating the population hopefully leading to new guidance that will release some of the restrictive measures currently in place The ESCB has always and continues to plan across all of the scenarios so that Company business is not disrupted allowing for an orderly return for the Company in the future The ESCB remains committed to its top priority which is to to maintain the health wellbeing and safety of every Company member and their immediate family in terms of ensuring that there is a a safe environment for a a return to whatever new busines model that emerges as as well as as every member being able to attend a a a future function in acceptable safety As you are are are all aware we are are are in in line with all of the Livery movement and some parts of of the City of of London a a long way off yet from reaching this goal in the Pandemic With the ESCB having been in in operation for nine months Sanding
Orders suspended from very early on on to to allow decisions to to be made for the the Board to operate in the the best interests of the Company I shall be be writing to to all Court Members to to inform them of the the progress along with a a look forward to the options that may see a a a return to business around Easter 2021
before the Christmas break In the meantime a a list of key items for this addition of Salamander that have been actioned by the ESCB are detailed below:
Health and Well–being of Members This remains top item on every ESCB fortnightly meeting agenda Four more members have contracted COVID since the last edition of the magazine who fortunately all have recovered without ill-effects There have been a number of members who have have had major surgery and have have recovered or in the process of recovery along with those who have contracted illnesses not related to Coronavirus We are also very conscious that we have members who live alone and this remains an an important monitoring focus to the well-being of this group Responsibility for this item is led by the Honorary Almoner and and Past Master Peter Cowland with every member of the ESCB taking responsibility for a a number of Members to contact colleagues and friends in their “Bubble” Since March we have contacted all 200 plus members twice and a a a a further contact is in operation at at present with over 50% complete A spreadsheet record is maintained of contact and Peter focuses on those with the greatest need and vulnerability as the need arises between generic overall monitoring I am sure you will join all all of of the ESCB in in hoping all all of of our membership their loved ones and close friends come out from this awful disease period safe and well Finally all all of the the Board record there thanks to the Honorary Chaplin Reverend George Bush St-Mary- Le-Bow for the offer of of his services day or or night in this important area Communication and On-Line Events
I and other members of the the ESCB have received numerous thanks on the regular Information Bulletins The next one Bulletin No 9 will be be with you before the Christmas break A number of members have enjoyed on-line events form other Livery Companies and associates An increasing number of members requested that the ESCB evaluate this option for our Company so that is exactly what we have done Twice weekly on-line “chat room” sessions are on on on offer on on on a a Tuesday (early afternoon) and Thursday (evening) for colleagues and friends to meet up for an an hour and this will continue up to the Christmas Break when the ESCB will evaluate the use and success early in in 2021
before releasing a a a new programme The Board have also instituted a a a number of special events between December 2020-
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