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available for purchase now Details are contained later in in in the magazine and via ‘Mailchimp’ notification I do urge you to purchase from these options The ESCB have decided to also acknowledge long-serving Sentinels and more details on this item in in a a later Bulletin In summing up we are maintaining a a a a good relationship and dialogue with the Wax Chandlers Livery Company and those managing the the Hall who like many others are suffering from a a lack of income but they remain strong and we are discussing what the future may look like post COVID with regards to to a a return to to business and events There are many items that I could brief you all on in this Salamander edition but will cover them in future Bulletins so to finish in fin in behalf of myself and all the ESCB I wish you you all your families and friends a a a a a safe and peaceful Christmas and a a positive return to service fellowship harmony and honour at the appropriate time during 2021
Attendees at at the Tuesday afternoon chat-line
March 2021:
Friday 11th December 2020
– Worshipful Company of Firefighters On-Line Carol Service – 6 30pm (Log-on by no later than 6 15pm Details forwarded separately) Tuesday 12th January 2021
- Photographing Fire and Rescue Services 1950’s Onwards by Liveryman David Holt our Honorary Archivist – 7pm February 2021
(Date to be Advertised) – Impacts of New Building Regulations by Past Master Sir Ken Knight This will look at the impact of new regulations since the Grenfell Tower disaster (this will be open to other Livery Companies and non- members for a a a small donation
to the Charitable Trust) Wednesday 10th March 2021
- Music Quiz for Member Households – 7pm Four Rounds covering 60’s/70’s Musicals Classical and Trivia I hope that as as many of you as as possible will take the opportunity to participate in these events Memorabilia and Company Clothing
The Company for many years have celebrated and promoted events with a a whole range of memorabilia The ESCB have reviewed the procedures and items which have led to the purchase and as importantly the financial outlay along with the ‘uptake’ from members and beyond Consequently there is a new policy that reflects what is affordable and where possible on a a a “call-off” basis with with selected in partnership with with high quality suppliers We have addressed the issue of of a a a a small range of of high quality Corporate Clothing
with the Company Crest and wording that includes a Polo-Shirt ‘V’ Neck Jumper and Soft Shell Coat available to members and their partners and usable for outside company organised visits sports events events informal events events and committee meetings Following the Company Tie manufacturer ceasing supply we have obtained a a a newly designed Company tie in blue and red Also the re-introduction of the hand finished wooden wall shield has been obtained and all Graham Maltby ESCB Chair Follow us on on on twitter @LondonFire1666
www flickr com/photos/wcoff103/
https://www facebook com/wcoff1666/

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