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THE SALAMANDER | December 2020
From the Master
The photographs are in Westminster Abbey at the very moving Service for the centenary of of the the burial of of the the Unknown Warrior on Wednesday 11th November 2020
The congregation of about 80 were masked and suitably distanced I was very privileged to be one of the 8 Honorary Stewards on on duty and and am wearing my grandfather’s medals He was a a a a career soldier sadly killed at the Somme my Aunt was born the same week and lived in in a a a a basement flat in in Manchester Street I found them in a a battered box in June 1999 just before Manchester Square fire station closed following the fire which completely destroyed the artist Patrick Procktor’s upper floors I wish you all a a a a Happy Christmas and hope you can join us at the online carol service from St Mary Le Bow I look forward to the new normal in 2021 Frances Blois
8 Honorary Honorary Stewards and and the Chief Honorary Honorary Steward Steward Roger Sanders OBE at the the Grave of the the Unknown Warrior Westminster Abbey The Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London Sir Ken Olisa OBE The Master
paying personal tribute at the the grave of the the unknown warrior
The Master
(Frances Blois) showing grandfather’s medals ©ALL Pictures by
: Westminster Abbey/Picture Partnership
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