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                                 The Massey Shaw Dinner The Massey Shaw Dinner
The Tallow Chandlers’ Hall The Tallow Chandlers’ Hall
Wednesday 21st March 2018
4 Dowgate Hill, London, EC4R 2SH
The Tallow Chandlers Company was formed in about 1300 to regulate oils, ointments, lubricants and fat-based preservatives and to manage candle making using tallow (animal fats). Over the next 150 years the Company expanded in membership and in influence, until King Edward IV granted it a coat of arms in 1456, and full livery status in 1462.
By the 1500s, the Chandlers were looking after London’s trade in a wide range of domestic goods, including sauces, vinegar, soap, cheese and herrings. They were also intimately involved in the service of the City. Tallow candles played a key role in the compulsory street lighting for the City of London, and the Chandlers were supplying the City Watch with 60 men.
The Chandlers bought the site of the Tallow Chandlers Hall in 1476. The modern Hall, a Grade I listed building, was built in 1672 after the destruction of the original hall during the Great Fire of London. Having survived the Blitz, it is one of the few Livery Halls to remain unchanged since then. The hall is in regular use for charitable, trade and social events.
Captain Sir Eyre Massey Shaw
The Massey Shaw Dinner is held in honour of Captain Sir Eyre Massey Shaw, who became Superintendent of the London Fire Engine Establishment in 1861, then Chief Fire Officer of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade from 1866 - 1891. Our guest speaker for the evening will be Paul Jagger who is from the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists. Paul was presented with the City Livery Club’s “ Root & Branch Award” for 2016.
Paul’s contribution is across a range of activities but one thing stands out as truly innovative, creative and exceptional, his “The City of London Freeman’s Guide” This publication has become a best seller - all his own work and idea, and done entirely voluntarily with proceeds going to his Livery ‘s charity
Tickets for this not to be missed event in the magnificent Tallow Chandlers’ Hall will be on sale from 1st January 2018.
For more information please contact:
The Clerk
The Worshipful Company of Firefighters

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