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                                  THE SALAMANDER | DECEMBER 2017
Book Review
This book updates the definitive work of 1960 on the heraldry of the Livery Companies of the City of London. Since the original work was published 30 new Livery Companies have received Grants of Arms. In addition, other Companies have sought Grants of Badges since 1960. The heraldic descriptions have all been meticulously checked against the official records at the College of Arms by Windsor Herald.
His book not only describes each Company’s heraldry in a wealth of detail and with copious
The City of London Beagles’ Guild was formed in 1992, with the object of perpetuating the spirit of comradship among its members, and enhancing the historic traditions of the Livery Companies they represent.
What is a Beadle? The word Beadle or Bedel derived from the church in medieval days. His duties at that time were to look after the church, its grounds, the houses and hamlets and the welfare of the parishioners within the ward.
When the Guilds of the City began to form Livery Companies, Beadles were appointed to look after the Livery Halls. Their
illustrations, but also offers an abbreviated history, tracing its evolution from the formation of a Guild, through the development of a City Company to the ultimate status of a Worshipful Company with Grant of Livery.
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Oh, Captain Shaw, is an authoritative biography of Captain Sir Eyre Massey Shaw written in 1984. Captain Shaw was the first Chief Officer of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, later the London Fire Brigade, and the famous London Fire Brigade Fire Boat, with which our Company has been associated, is named after him. When, in 1861 the Superintendent of the London Fire Engine Establishment, James Braidwood, died at a warehouse fire in Tooley Street, Captain Shaw was appointed to succeed him.
otherdutiesweretofindsuitable Apprentices for their respective trades, organise their social and ceremonial functions, and act as disciplinarian on behalf of the Master and Wardens of the Livery Company where he holds office. Over the years, the office of the Beadle has changed dramatically but still responsible for the tradition and security of the premiss, alms houses and with some Livery Companies, their schools.
This handy pocket sized foldout map shows all the streets of the City and the location of Livery Company Halls.
Captain Shaw was socially well- connected, and had a number of friends in high places, including the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII. His name was immortalised in a song in the Gilbert and Sullivan opera Iolanthe, used as the title of this book, a verse of which starts “Oh, Captain Shaw!” Captain Shaw was knighted by Queen Victoria in 1891, on his last day in service with the London Fire Brigade.
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