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                                FORMAL EVENTS
Members and Guests at The Armourers Hall enjoying the evening
   The Massey Shaw Annual Dinner is held in honour of Sir Eyre Massey Shaw, who was the first Chief Fire Officer of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade.Thisyear,thedinnerwasheldinthe amazing Armourers Hall on Wednesday 9th March. The Armourers have had a hall on their site in Coleman Street since 1346 and the Hall’s striking interior features 16th and 17th Century armour, weapons and paintings. The Hall was one of the very few to escape destruction in the Great Fire of 1666, which was checked a few yards short of it. The Company is much indebted to an unknown fireman who, during the blitz of 1940, seeing the curtains of the Court Room ablaze, broke into the Hall and extinguished the flames. Although his identity may never be known, his quick thinking undoubtedly saved the Hall. The venue was a superb, historic and unique location.
Invited guests included CFOA President for 2015/6, Paul Hancock of Cheshire FRS and Master of the Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers Colin Evans. The guest speaker was Mr. Vincent Hayes, the Owner of the Brick Lane Old Time Music Hall, who brought his wonderful eclectic style of entertainment to great use in his talk, highlighting the efforts made by his Music Hall charity to bring cheer
to disadvantaged communities throughout the East End of London.
Upper Warden Bruce Hoad introduced the principal guests and set the scene for the Company’s annual award recognising endeavour and expertise in the world of firefighting. CFOA recommended this year that the award should be made to Evan Morris, MBE, former head at Community Safety with Cheshire FRS, for his pioneering work in enabling all English FR Services to better target safety interventions towards elderly people. In this work he has worked closely with the NHS and Age UK.
Sir Eyre Massey Shaw (1830-1908)
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