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                                Master Ron Murray, Left: Upper Warden Bruce Hoad & Right: Renter Warden John Mansfield
 Over 150 members and guests enjoyed a lovely evening at the Vintners’ Hall on Friday 16th October at the St. Florian’s Installation banquet.
Following a champagne reception when there was an opportunity to view the wonderful collection of wine glasses and silverware, we were called to the glorious dining room. A fitting grace was “poemed” by the Reverend George Bush and during the meal, musical entertainment was provided by pianist Mark Risi. Upper Warden Bruce Hoad proposed the toast to the guests and it was a pleasure to hear one of the principal guests, Mark Smith, curator of the Royal Artillery museum at Woolwich Arsenal, give a delightful talk on his collection (over 6000) of war-time medals.
Mark also explained the origin of the Victoria Cross as a medal and he illustrated his talk with some stories of the bravery of men who had won it. He then proposed a toast to the Worshipful Company of Firefighters. Our new Master, Ron Murray, responded on behalf of the Company, thanking his family and friends for supporting him for the year ahead.
Finally, as a surprise, Rose Clarkson, wife of the
Father of the Company Gerald Clarkson, also proposed a toast to the Firefighters, wishing Ron and his team success in the year ahead.
The loving cup ceremony
The Ceremony of the loving cup, which is traditional with all livery companies, is said to date back to Saxon times before the Norman Conquest of 1066, and to derive from the assassination, by command of Elfrida, of King Edward whilst drinking.
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