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                                THE SALAMANDER | AUGUST 2016
Firefighters participate in the Lord Mayor’s Show 2015
 Master Firefighter Ronald Murray took his rightful place in the “Number One” seat of a beautifully restored fire engine at the Lord Mayor’s Show on 14 November 2015.
The fire engine, a 1956 Kommer Carrier Water Tender, which for many years protected the village of Crowborough in East Sussex, is the property of Upper Warden Bruce Hoad who brought it into London especially for the event.
The Master was accompanied by the Wardens and a number of his Liverymen during the show, all waving enthusiastically to the thousands of stoic people who lined the 3 mile route to watch the parade and welcome in the new Lord Mayor.
In 1215 the King was persuaded to issue a Royal Charter that allowed the City of London to elect its own Mayor. We presume that he gave his blessing to the commune in order to keep the City on his side, but there was an important condition. Every year the newly elected Mayor must leave the safety of the City, travel upriver to the small town of Westminster and swear loyalty to the Crown. The Lord Mayor has
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now made that journey for 800 years, despite plagues and fires and countless wars, and pledged his (and her) loyalty to 34 kings and queens of England.
Past Master Peter Cowland with his daughter Abigail who is wearing her grandfather’s fire kit.
The Lord Mayor’s Show 2016 will be held on Saturday 12th November starting at 11am.
More information is available at:
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