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 St Florian’s New Members Dinner November 18th 2021
Due to the COVID pandemic with the COVID virus proving stubborn to go away, a decision was made some time ago to forego the usual St Florian’s Banquet for this year only, and as we have had over 10 new members join since March 2020, and as they have not had the opportunity of dining as part of the Company, it was felt that we could use the date to rectify this and have a special banquet with the new members as the focus.
It is also the Master’s wish that ALL past Sentinels, if possible, attend as the Master wished to present them with their Past Sentinels badge.
With the kind permission of the Prime Warden and Court of the Saddlers’ Company, we will be dining in the Great Hall at magnificent Saddlers’ Hall. (picturer right) and accesable though The Tunnel Room (pictured above).
We are hoping that all of our new members, along with their partners, their Proposers and Seconders, friends and guests will all join the rest of the Company for what, as always, is a convivial evening with good food and good friends.
The event will take place on the 18th November. The event is open to all the membership and guests and has been arranged to start and finish early, to allow those with some distance to travel to be able to get home on the same day.
A report on proceedings will be in the next Salamander issue.
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