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  Company Wall Shields
The wall shield shows our Company Coat of Arms and a banner displaying the Company name, mounted on a wooden base. The cost is £40, including VAT, plus £4.90 for P&P to a UK address.
Our glass paperweight (£4) and pewter trinket box (£6), each with our Company Coat of Arms. P&P is £3.50 to a UK address.
Salamander Pin
A silver and gilt finish pin for use by Liverymen and Freemen of the Company. The Salamander, from our Company Coat of Arms, is shown within a laurel wreath. The cost is £89.00, plus £3.50 P&P.
New WCoff Ties
After extensive canvasing of opinion we have a new Company tie in either blue or red. The design reflects an earlier version of our tie, which included a prominent display of our Coat of Arms.
The cost is £22, plus £3.50 P&P to a UK address.
Members who would like to stay with the previous tie, only red is available, can take advantage of our clearance offer of £10, including VAT, plus £4 P&P to a UK address.
For further information and ordering of the Company Memorabilia please contact
David Holt
The Saved Plate
The image shown on the plate is from a painting which hangs in the Fire College at Moreton- In-Marsh, Gloucestershire, England.
We are grateful to the owners, the Firefighters Memorial Trust, for permission to reproduce the image, as displayed on the plate commissioned by the then Master of the Worshipful Company of Firefighters, J. E. Lawrence, M.B.E. in the Millennium year, 2000.
The cost is £39, plus £4.90 for P&P to a UK address.
The Company Badge,
For Lady Freemen and Liverymen of the Company, is38mm x 26mm, with both a pin and ring mounted on the rear, so that it can be worn either as a pendant or badge pinned to a garment. It has been produced by Fattorini, with a design showing our Company Coat of Arms.
The cost is £32.50 including VAT plus £3.50 p&p.
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