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Freedom and Livery Ceremony, March 2019
At the meeting of the Court Assistants in March 2019 we were pleased to see two new members make their Freedom declaration and to see two Freemen make their declaration for Livery.
Pantelis Poullais was proposed by Past Master Peter Cowland and seconded by Liveryman Andrew Phillips. Pantelis served with the LFB until his retirement in 2011. During his service he undertook a variety of operational roles and he also worked with the National Joint Council for Fire Services.
Joanne Moore was proposed by Liveryman Anthony Drewitt and seconded by Past Master Bruce Hoad. Joanne has an extensive background in all matters equestrian, including her current involvement with the Massey Shaw Historic Fire-Fighting Display Team. Joanne works closely with Liveryman Anthony Drewitt and provides Heavy Horses for displays, such as that put on at the Surrey FRS Open Day last year and, over many years, has provided City Livery Companies with Heavy Horses for displays.
Julie Fox became a Freeman of the Company in 2018. Julie worked with the London Fire and Civil Defence Authority, where she was heavily involved in the Authority’s ongoing work on Hazardous Substances and Transportation. She is currently Clerk of the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants and has also been involved with the Worshipful Company of Basket Makers and the Worshipful Company of Chartered Secretaries
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From left to right Under Warden Steve Sanders, Liveryman Julie Fox, Master Andrew Mayes and Upper Warden Frances Blois
From left to right Under Warden Steve Sanders, Freeman Joanne Moore, Master Andrew Mayes and Upper Warden Frances Blois

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