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Massey Shaw Banquet 2019
The Cutlers’ Company is one of the most ancient of the City of London livery companies and received its first Royal Charter from Henry V in 1416. Its origins are to be found among the cutlers working in the medieval City of London in the vicinity of Cheapside.
Their business was producing and trading in knives, swords, and other implements with a cutting edge. Over time the emphasis shifted from implements of war to cutlery and other domestic wares such as razors and scissors. With the demise of the sword making and cutlery trade in the City during the 19th. century, the Company directed its attention towards supporting the surgical instrument trade by indenturing apprentices and expanding its charitable activities with particular emphasis on supporting education.
HMS Wildfire
At our Massey Shaw Banquet on March 22nd our Master presented a framed certificate to Commander Greg Young to mark a new affiliation between our Company and HMS Wildfire. At our Court meeting held in November 2018 it was agreed to foster bonds between our Company and the Royal Naval Reserve. As a result, HMS Wildfire became affiliated to the Company of Firefighters and is entitled to display the Arms of our Company whilst it remains in service with the Royal Naval Reserve. Based at Northwood, HMS Wildfire trains Royal Naval Reservists within a purpose-built training facility inside the national military tri-service HQ and NATO base.
The Massey Shaw Banquet 2019 was held in the Cutlers’ Hall.
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Our Master presenting a framed certificate to Commander Greg Young of HMS Wildfire to mark a new affiliation with our Company.

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