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Forthcoming Events
 Friday 5th
WCoFF Common Hall The Wax Chandlers’ Hall Company Rededication St. Mary-Le-Bow
Friday 27th
Admission of Sheriffs
Sunday 29th
Sheep Drive across London Bridge
London Bridge
Wednesday 2nd
Election of Lord Mayor Guildhall
Friday 4th
St Florian’s Installation Banquet
Saddlers’ Hall’ 4 Gutter Lane
Monday 4th
Garden of Remembrance St Pauls Churchyard Friday 8th
Silent Ceremony Guildhall
Saturday 9th
Lord Mayors Show
City Wide
Sunday 10th Rememberance Service St Pauls
Wednesday 20th
Festival of St. Cecilia St. Paul’s
 Friday 13th
Carol Service
St. Mary-Le-Bow
MARCH 2019
JUNE 2019
   Steven Tamcken
Worshipful Company of Firefighters
Court Notices JUNE 2018
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the Members that have departed. Especially to the family and friends of Douglas who left us shortly after being clothed in our Livery.
 Liveryman Douglas Vaughan
 There are other ideas in the pipeline, but as stated the Company would like to hear what you, the member, would like to see happen.
• Anthony Davis
• Philip Robey Livery:
• Paul Fuller
• John Theobald
• Robert Rea
• Robert Howard
• Robert Bryant Livery:
• Barbara Akers
 The Charitable Trust has now been granted an “Incorporated Charitable Organisation”, and as such needs to open new accounts. This will need some work from the Clerk’s Office, with regards to the donations it receives from you the member. Therefore, in the next year, there will be a need for all members to renew or start their donations into the Charitable Trust by a new method. This is still being worked on, but please can I ask each and every one of you to read the article on the outstanding work that the Trust does on the Company’s behalf, and find it in yourselves to help the Trustees to be able to continue doing so by donating regularly.
Firefighter and promise I will do my best to assist and help her during her tenure.
Finally, and as I always reiterate at the end of my report, it has been an HONOUR to be your Clerk, and to be of SERVICE to you all. Your FRIENDSHIP, has as always, been appreciated and I am sure that the HARMONY within the Company will continue for years to come. Members all, here is to the continued health of The Worshipful Company of Firefighters, may it flourish Root and Branch – Forever. Thank you.
• Gary Neal • Geoff Fall • Julie Fox Livery:
Honary Freedom:
• Geoff Hobbs-East
  In closing, I have already thanked
the outgoing Master and Mistress,
and I would now like to take the
opportunity of wishing The Master
Designate, Frances Blois, all Freedom: the best for her year as Master
 • Michael Rollings
• Joanne Moore
• Pantelis Poullais Livery:
• Julie Fox
• Patricia Boswell
• David Rogers • Geoffrey Fall
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