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Sets out the achievements and challenges for the Charitable Trust
 Graham Maltby - Chair of the Charitable Trust
My first task since election by the Trustees to Chair the Charitable Trust is to thank Frances Blois, the outgoing Chair for her leadership and hard work over the last three years and her contribution as a Trustee which spans a number of years. I am sure all of the Trustees join me in wishing Frances every success in her forthcoming year as the Lady Master. This year has also seen Michael Harper, another long standing Trustee, step down and I would like to thank Michael for his contribution, particularly his sterling work in the organisation of the City Dinners which have provided significant income for the Charitable Trust, mainly utilised in the Youth Education and Training Initiatives.
The Trust have achieved some significant improvements in the way we approach our business over the last few years and now face further challenges if our success is to continue. The Trustees are
addressing the future and I will expand upon these further towards the end of this article.
Trustee Board Members
The Charitable Trust Board currently consists of the following members all of whom are Liveryman in the Company and some are also Past Masters. Graham Maltby, QFSM (Chair), Jeremy Beech CBE QFSM SBStJ, Colin Livett BEM Ron Murray Maurice Heaster OBE Bruce Hoad BEM Tom Johnson Howard Myers and Dr David Crowder and Ian Parlane (Honourable Treasurer), and Steven Tamcken (Clerk to the Trustee Board), both without whom the Trustees would not function efficiently. The Trust is always looking for Liverymen wishing to serve as a Trustee. A new Vice- Chairman will be appointed at the July 2019 Meeting.
Priorities for Grant Awards – Grant Awards this financial year have outstripped income. It remains incumbent upon the Trustees to ensure that the objectives set by the applicants can be achieved before financial allocations are made, with a contractual obligation on them to provide feedback and expenditure. It is also important that the Charitable Trust be recognised by receiving bodies for the commitment we have given. The Objectives of the Charitable Trust have not changed since its inception, although the Board have reviewed its priorities for consideration of Grant Awards reflectingthecurrentenvironment. These are:
1. Young People, Leadership, Development and Responsible
2. Education and Research Projects
3. Fire and Rescue Heritage
4. National Charities Associated Fire and Rescue and the Fire Industry
5. Lord Mayor’s, Livery Company and City of London Charities
The Trust has implemented a fully electronic application process through the Company Website area allocated to the Charitable Trust.
Charitable Trust Grant Awards
Over the last six years the Charitable Trust has awarded a total of £237.5k in Grants. As examples of major benefactors during this period the Children’s Burns Camp have received direct grants of £50k plus £20k from the City Dinner 2017 and a further £25k facilitated by this Trust through The Edward Gosling Foundation. Other grants include £35k for the Essex Fire and Rescue Authority Fire Cadet Schemes, London Leaders Cadet Scheme £7.5k, London Fire Emergency Planning Authority Cadet Schemes £20.5k, FirefightersCharity£23.5k,RAFT £15k, National Fire Chiefs Council Annual Fire Cadet Games £10k, London Fire Brigade Counselling and Welfare (Grenfell Tower) £7.5k and Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum £15k.
Education and Training
The Education and Training Committee had a role to advise the Charitable Trust on suitable submissions which enhance Fire Engineering, Science and
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