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Root & Branch Award 2019
A Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Firefighters and a Past Master of the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals, for Initiating the Sheriffs’ Award for Bravery, establishing The Register of Chartered Security Professionals through the Livery’s Royal Charter, and for many years’ fundraising work. In 2014 the City Livery Club celebrated its centenary and marked the occasion and by instituting an award to recognise ‘exceptional service within and across the Livery’.
The City Livery Club’s Root and Branch Award is unique in that it is the only pan Livery award and in just four years it has become a hallmark of excellence for Liverymen who have supported the wider aims of the Livery in a truly exceptional manner.
  Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra officially opened Lancaster’s new Community Fire and Ambulance Station on Wednesday 29 May.
Members of the Worshipful Company of Firefighters have a plethora of means of keeping up to date with breaking news in the world of fire fighting and fire protection, such as that shown in the above picture from Lancashire Fire Service.
Our website ( hosts a rolling news information on Fire Brigade News and Comapany Events with banner pictures of members activities such as the Lord Mayor’s Show, Livery History, the City Dinner, Fire Cadet engagement, and Ceremonial events. On the top banner, members can also click on “Useful Links”, which takes you to web- sites of the main Fire and Rescue organisation, such as the Chief Fire Officers Association, Fire Brigades Union and Fire Service College, as well as to a host of Fire and Rescue Interest Sites, such as the UK Fire Brigade Society and Fire Heritage Network, Museums of interest, such as the Kent
Firefighting museum, and also to associated charities, associations and a link to the Fire Book shop. There is also a News Desk, one click of which brings you to literally hundreds of stories gleaned from Fire Brigades around the country. On this page you will also find live updated “tweets” or “retweets” from @LondonFire1666, the twitter account of the London Fire Brigade - there are 564 followers of this account at the last count.
A Facebook page has also been instituted - it has over 170 people followingit-itissimpletofindon your Facebook account and simple to follow; that way you get up to the minute posts where members feel something should be shared. It is wonderful to feel part of a much wider community of people in the fire fighting community, seeing and learning from ongoing stories from ongoing stories across the world.
Liveryman Peter French winner of the Root & Branch Award 2019
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