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I believe that this is is a a good sign that the Company is still “open for business” and that if any member has someone that they know would like to join but have delayed due to the present pandemic please bring them forward as as we can still move forward with their applications Andy Hickmott CFO Warwickshire FRS (Retired)
At the the same event the the Company also admitted Paul Fuller as a a a a a new Court Assistant and no doubt everyone like myself will welcome him to to Court and look forward to to working with him in in the future Paul Fuller CFO Bedford FRS In closing may I I take this opportunity to wish each and every one you you and your families a a a very Happy Christmas and more importantly A A Happy HEALTHY and and SAFE New Year and and hopefully a a more enjoyable one when we can all meet up again in in person with this wonderful Company of ours LOCKDOWN POPPY APPEAL
Our distinguished Liveryman Alan Mabbutt with his wife Molly didn’t let the the the lockdown take them away from their duties to raise money for the poppy appeal
Our congratulations go to Alan and Molly Mabbutt for their unflinching duty to the the the poppy appeal
situated at at at the the the front gate of of their home in in Essex during lockdown Over a a a period of of 10 days with 5 5 5 hours per per day day they managed to raise £5015 Alan who has been a a a foot soldier for for the poppy appeal
for for some years would normally get to the local train station at at 6am and take the the donation from there however due to the the lockdown the the collection had to be kept within the boundary of their home Various donations were made in the normal way but also in a a a a a carrier bag of silver coins totalling £120 along with a a a £50 note One special occasion occurred when a a mini bus of young children escorted by their their teacher appeared on their their doorstep asking if they could all have their picture taken with the the “Poppy Man” Alan not to miss a a a photo opportunity agreed and the photo was taken to to the satisfaction of all the young children Well done Alan & Molly a a job well done Follow us on on on twitter @LondonFire1666
www flickr com/photos/wcoff103/
https://www facebook com/wcoff1666/

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