Page 34 - December 2020
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THE SALAMANDER | December 2020
From the Clerk
Steven Tamcken
Who would would have thought that I would would be penning yet another set of of musings from home for this edition of of the the Salamander! still here we are coming to the the the end of the the second national Lockdown (in England) The difference now is that there appears to be “light at the end of the tunnel” as we are all hearing of the vaccines that will be with us soon - that being the operative word However until then please follow the guidelines from HM Government and PHE that way we will all be able to greet one another in in the time-honoured Livery way in in person Whilst we have been in lockdown the Company has been busy behind the the scenes and the the ESCB have been working hard to ensure that the the needs and cares of the the membership have been met This has been done by the tireless work of the Hon Almoner PM Cowland who has been contacting as as many of you as as possible and has been mercilessly cajoling the the rest of the the ESCB to do likewise We have instituted a a twice weekly Informal Members on-line chat room on Tuesday’s (12 – 1pm) and Thursday’s (7-8pm) hosted by Colin Simpson and myself If you would like to attend these please contact David Holt dwholtchaldon@gmail com to book a slot I know that you have been kept informed via various group emails – – some may say bombarded!!! – – of the the other events that are ongoing or or planned for the future such as the the Company Carol Service on the the 11th December more details in the the near future the the introduction of new memorabilia which you can purchase in time for Christmas etc details are in this issue I I must say a a a a BIG congratulations to Liveryman Alan Mabbutt for his fantastic collection for the RBL this year please see the artcle on the opposite page for more information Leading Seaman Ryan Scott of HMS Wildfire has been named Reservist of the year 2020
and won the Commodore Muriel Hocking Trophy BZ LH Scott thoroughlt well deserved! We are very proud Unfortunately as we all know this year’s Lord Mayor’s Show had to be cancelled but I have no doubt that The Lord Mayor William Russell along with his 2 sheriffs Prof Michael Mainelli and Christopher Haywood will continue to serve the the City and the the Livery well and that we we will all be ready to enjoy next year’s drenching in in the November rain at the Show As a a a Company we have been fortunate to to still be able to to recruit new members and as such it was a a a a personal delight to be able to take part in the Installation of a a a New Freeman of the Company Andrew Hickmott who swore his declaration on on the 23rd November Our affiliations have also been busy when possible The Cadets have now moved to a a a new location as as RAF Manston has been taken over and you will see that one of the ratings from HMS Wildfire has won a a a a prestigious award in front of Several Past Masters and Court Members in what was the the 1st On-Line declaration for the the Firefighters On behalf of all the members of the Company may I wish Andy a a a long and enjoyable time with us Page 34

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