Page 16 - December 2020
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THE SALAMANDER | December 2020
Past Master Peter Cowland Almoner
in in in mind in in in particular the use of motor vehicles Examples of this include the restrictions at Bank Junction and the re-routing of some roadways Car parking facilities in in and around new developments in the City are likely to be significantly reduced!
In further support of the the environment the City is clearly promoting the walking and cycling methods of getting around During Covid many pavements and cycle routes were temporarily widened to enhance social distancing (Clearly there are many opposing views about all of this) However in May 2019 the City had published its Transport Strategy outlining many of these ideas Aldgate Square with its Pavilion
and seating area St Mary Axe with Page 16 its paved and planted approach and Bank pavement developments have already been undertaken Christopher outlined that the City is moving forward into exciting times Clearly post-COVID-19 many things will be different for us all but London will still remain a a a a leading world class City Following their City Plan 2036: “Shaping the Future City” we should expect to see a flourishing society thriving economy and outstanding environments being developed The City is already experiencing a a change in in its occupier base which is becoming more diverse transforming from the traditional insurance banking and financial services sector Our City is financially competitive with other areas of central London particularly Mayfair and the West
End for its rent and service costs Only Kings Cross Bloomsbury and Canary Wharf are cheaper at present All in all I believe that Sheriff Christopher gave us plenty to to look forward to with his dynamic and upbeat presentation 

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