Page 14 - December 2020
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THE SALAMANDER | December 2020
As Hon Almoner over the past weeks l l have enjoyed keeping in in in touch with our members and like them have been wondering what the the the future of of our City City would look like With the the City City of of London in Covid shut down and and Livery Halls and and other venues closed since mid- March things looked somewhat bleak Well it seems that behind the scenes our City has been in good hands and and is preparing
for an undoubted come back to normal life albeit this may look somewhat different to that which we envisaged Sheriff Alderman Christopher Hayward CC recently gave a number of very interesting webinars on the subject of “ The City after Covid” and was able to allay many of our perceived fears He explained that our great City is a a a very resilient one and has some major development and change in mind Despite the disruption which the Covid pandemic has caused there remains a a very positive view that our Global place in the world will recover indeed it is already starting to do so!
One only has to note how much the City skyline has changed significantly over the past ten years or so but as they say “ you ain’t seen nothing yet” Christopher outlined the continuing development of Page 14

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