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                                  THE SALAMANDER | DECEMBER 2017
Master, Wardens and Officers of the Company
 Common Hall Master, Wardens and Officers. From Left to right: John Norris (Beadle), Frances Blois (Renter Warden, Andrew Mayes (Upper Warden), John Mansfield (Master), John Kempton (Standard Bearer), Graham Maltby (Under Warden and Steven Tamcken (Clerk).
Common Hall is the meeting of livery members when the new Master and Wardens, duly elected from among the Members of Court at the Election Court make their Declarations of Office and when they assume their respective duties and are properly gowned as a visible demonstration of their new positions in the Company.
It is an opportunity for the Past Master to review their year and to give thanks for the support they have been given in their year and for the New Master to present their vision for the coming year. There are also ceremonies performed such as the weighing of the Chain of Office to ensure the Past Master has not substituted the precious
material with an inferior quality. You’ll be pleased to know that all was well with the weighing and the new Master and Wardens commenced their year with plenty of good will from the assembled Company.
Common Hall is followed by the rededication of the Company and new Master at the Company chuch St. Mary-Le-Bow church.
Weighing of the Chain of Office
  The Master (John Mansfield) and Mistress Firefighter (Lesley Mansfield) with their daughters Kerry (left) and Laura (right)
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