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                                  THE SALAMANDER | DECEMBER 2017
Public Relations & Marketing Committee Retirement
A look at Past Master Viv Jones achievments whist being the Chairman of the PRM
  Past Master Viv Jones 2007/08
A change has occurred at the PR and Marketing committee. Past Master (2007/8) Viv Jones has retired from its chairmanship after guiding the work of the team for almost 6 years.
Viv took over the chair of the then PR and Marketing working group in October 2011 from Steve Neville who had originally set it up as a working group of the events committee.
Viv was liveried into the Worshipful Company of Firefighters in 2001. He had been involved in the instigation and management of the annual Fire Industry Ball which has been one of the most successful areas of fund raising for the Charitable Trust. Viv’s connections within the Fire Industry (founder and former CEO of Vimpex, one of the UK and Europe’s leading suppliers of sounders and alarms) were important in encouraging many of the UK’s Fire Industry to support the event. He also developed a good working relationship with UBM, the main organisation behind international fire shows such
Home page from our website showing our presence at the Lord Mayor’s show
as Firex, as a result of which, the WCoFF was given free exhibition stands and was often one of the preferred charities for funds raised by UBM at their awards dinner. Viv had also re-started the very successful “Meet the Firefighters” events. Viv recognised the importance of good and regular communication of the Company’s activities to its members, Fire Industry, the Fire Authorities and the City. He drove the working group to develop better newsletters, both printed and on-line versions. . One of Viv’s key successes was the drive to improve the Company’s web- site, not only as a source of information on the Company but also as a tool for members to use to book up for events and to order memorabilia. He was also keen that a Member’s directory would prove useful as a skill and capability data-base for members to use.
Viv steered the working group, widening its scope to becoming a committee in its own right and reporting into the management board. Viv was an important driver of
the Company’s involvement in celebrating the Company’s 25th anniversary, the Queen’s golden jubilee celebration and in marking and celebrating the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London of 1666. Viv also helped to create a good memorabilia offering for members, often using the good auspices of Vimpex to store and post articles on behalf of the Company.
The PR and Marketing committee would like to record its thanks to Viv for all his efforts for the committee (often having to get to meetings with his foot in plaster), particularly for his guidance, humour and friendly cajoling of members in their actions. Although Viv is retiring to live in Portugal, we hope he will continue to be a source of help and support to the committee for many years to come.
Robert Farquhar
PR & Marketing Committee. Worshipful Company of Firefighters
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