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                                  THE SALAMANDER | DECEMBER 2017
St Florian’s Installation Banquet
This year our banquet was held at the very impressive Saddlers’ Hall
  Our Master (John Mansfield) with Aldermanic Sherriff (Timothy Hailes JP)
The Shrieval Chain & Badge of Office
connecting three key strands in Tim’s life and his passion for linking and protecting each in both his civic and professional careers.
Radiating out are the shields of the International Bankers’, Solicitors’, Pewterers’, Fire Fighters’ and Paviours’ Livery Companies together with Kings College London where he read a degree in history. Rising up from the tips of the wings and connecting the badge to the City of London coat of arms is a Pewterer’s hammer and a Firefighter’s axe - two Livery Companies located in the heart of his Ward and stalwart supporters of his civic career from the outset. The oval ring with the City arms has behind it a hidden symbol of the Prime Meridian as a link to Greenwich, the home of Alderman Hailes, and his family’s maritime connections. The motto ‘Sagax, Integer, Fidelis’ translates as: Wisdom, Integrity, and Fidelity.
Robert Farquhar
PR & Marketing Committee. Worshipful Company of Firefighters
This year’s St Florian’s Installation Banquet was held on the 20th October and, with the kind permission of the Prime Warden and Court of the Saddlers’ Company, the dinner was held in the Great Hall of the magnificent Saddlers’ Hall.
Our Company’s recently installed Master Firefighter, John Mansfield, along with his lovely wife, Lesley, the Mistress Firefighter, hosted the event. The principal guest and speaker was Detective Chief Inspector Mike Neville who is Head of Cyber Crime Investigations at Scotland Yard and an author of several books on a range of topics. The evening was a splendid affair and enjoyed by all who came.
The opportunity to see and admire the new Badge of Office and Shrieval Chain worn by Alderman Timothy Hailes JP was taken at the dinner and Timothy was kind enough afterwards to provide us with some detail on the design. Alderman Timothy Hailes’s
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coat of arms were designed by Somerset Herald, David Vines White.
The rationale of the design: the fleur-de-lis is taken from the arms of the County of Dorset, native county of Alderman Hailes and his family on both the paternal and maternal sides. The white roundels on the shield (set in diamonds on the badge) and in the wings of the crest are a pun on his surname (“hailstones”).
The Shrieval Badge of Office was designed the City goldsmith, Grant Mcdonald and made in his bankside workshop. The badge design has the coat of arms at the centre of a stylised Guardian Griffin (which replicates the crest surmounting the arms). The griffin, with the body and tail of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle, is traditionally the fierce guardian of precious treasure and priceless possessions. The gold roundel in the crest represents banking and the sword symbolises both the law and the City of London - thereby

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