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Achievement to the 2020-21 award programme recipients held over due to the Pandemic. Attendance for candidates and one other person is paid for by The Trust.
Financial review
During the period September 2020-August 2021 gross income from various sources was £19,000. Expenditure amounted to £10,541. Including the balance of cash carried forward, the year-end total financial assets were £517,119 from £99, 719 in revenue and £417,403 in capital investments.
Income was received predominantly from three main sources –
1. Worshipful Company
of Firefighters Member Charitable Giving - £ 6,975
Note: The total number of members contributing at
the time of this accounting figure was 67 and efforts are underway to improve this position.
2. Worshipful Company of Firefighters Charitable Fire Lecture Giving - £ 3,679
3. Income from the Capital Investment Account - £ 7,103 Gift Aid accounted for a further £1,548 of income for the accounting period.
The Charity has a Capital Investment Account managed by JM Finn which at the time of the accounting period is valued at £417,403
There was no Annual Charity Fundraising Dinner (known as The Worshipful Company of
Firefighters Charitable Trust City Dinner) in 2021 for the second year running. This accounts for an estimated loss of income of approximately £19,000 annually. There will be no such function in 2022 but it is hoped to resume this function in 2023.
This was Graham Maltby QFSM’s last report on behalf of the Trust and as its Chair, he thanked the Board of Trustees both past and present as well as all Members
of the Company for their support, advice and encouragement during his seven years on the Board of Trustees and the last three years as its Chair. He said it had been an honour and privilege to serve and lead.
 Liveryman Robert Howard
Chair of the Events & Media Committee
In March 2022 Liveryman Colin Simpson Chairman of the Public Relations and Marketing committee had made the decision to stand down due to work commitments. This was considered by the Events Committee that it would be a good opportunity to streamline the company by merging the Events Committee with the
PR&M committee to make it more effective, more coherent and to expedite parts of the company for our members.
Merging the two committees into one with an effective leadership of a Chairman, two vice chairman and a secretary it was felt that this would be very efficient and productive to allow for quicker communication with you our members.
We now have a dedicated member of the team working on social media ensuring that by the end of the year all of our social media platforms will be aligned with the same logos the same font and sharing the same information but at different times of the day, this is a major step forward and can only improve our profile in the city. Now working as one committee we can nuture an idea for an event that is researched and information gathered to produce a
cost analysis sheet via the Finance Manager / Assistant Clerk (FMAC) which is then shared with the Finance Committee for approval. Once approved a flyer can be created to inform you our Members of what we are to deliver for your enjoyment.
We will continue to use Mail Chimp which is the Company’s official means of Membership communication.
Further assistance will be given to the IT Manager by way of keeping the Company website up to date with news and Company information.
If you have any ideas that you would like to suggest or even events that you personally have held before and would like to share with the company, please feel free to e-mail the events team so that we can discuss these events further.
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