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year 2020-21 as very little business was transacted under the terms of the MoU and apart from facilitating two on-line meetings all other business was completed by electronic means and directly by Trustee Board Members.
• A group independently from the Trust and the Company (excluding the Master and Chair of the Trust) were tasked to assess a new MoU arrangement as the existing one expired in May 2021. They have endorsed the suspension of cross-charge payment for 2020-21 and have agreed a sum of £3,600 plus VAT (£4,320 net) for 2021-22 with annual review to re-assess the support from the Company to the Trust once an indication of full activity occurs before a new MoU is formulated.
The following Grant Awards have been made since June 2020:
London Fire Brigade Museum Project
Application was made to support an innovative, state- of the-art and world-class Museum project involving the a new museum as part of the refurbishment of the Albert Embankment complex including the Lambeth Fire Station. Based on the provision of Residential, Commercial, Hospitality and retail premises on the site by the Developer, funding and building the LFB element, the Trust agreed a “restricted” three year progressive sum totalling £30,000, sponsoring the Special Events area
which provided facilities for specific exhibitions and young people’s education in Fire and General Safety. The Planning Application was “called in” by the Department of Housing and Communities and the Secretary of State refused the planning application outright. Therefore the Grant was subsequently withdrawn and it is with sadness to record that the facilities that would have been offered to the Company for various events for three years free-of-charge and the increasing number of Members who wished to volunteer for various aspects of the Museum activities will not now come to fruition. However, the Trust remain close to the LFB Museum team.
RNLI Tower Lifeboat Station
This is the busiest RNLI Station in the UK with over 8000 lunches since its opening in 2002, saving over 80 lives, many on the City of London part of the River Thames. The current Lifeboat Station is built on a floating pontoon which is governed by tide and wind as to its stability and unsuitable for the treatment and stabilisation of casualties when rescued from the water. The RNLI are investing £8.5m in a new purpose built station facility but have launched an appeal for £33,000 to assist in kitting out the new facility. The Trust have granted £10,000 to this appeal subject to agreed publicity for this donation and a permanent relationship with the Company.
St Vedast-alias-Foster Church
This church is the Parish Church covering the Wax Chandlers
Hall and is in close proximity in Foster Lane. It has a resident population of 100 and a transient day-time population of 30,000 offering an environment of peace and tranquillity both within the historic church environment and a courtyard as part of the church complex. The Rector Paul Kennedy also has a priest in training who is an ex LFB Firefighter (David Hill) who attended the Grenfell Tower Fire tragedy. Unfortunately the Organ Air-Pump needs repair for the church to fully function with little opportunity to raise the sum required which is also directly linked to the hire cost of a temporary organ. As this is the local Parish Church and without prejudicing our sister church relationship with the Company Chaplain and St Mary-le-Bow, the Trust have granted £5,000 towards the repairs but with a contractual element to the allocation.
The Company, subject to availability, will have exclusive use of the Church Hall for eight meetings and the Courtyard for two events at no charge. The Vestry is also available at St- Mary-le-Bow at cost but has limited availability. It remains uncertain until 2022 whether the use of the Guildhall (West Wing) will be available to the Company for face-to-face meetings free-of-charge.
Charitable Trust Meetings have returned to the traditional arrangement of Trust Meetings in the morning of the Management Board in the afternoon.
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