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  THE SALAMANDER November 2021
 In May the Lord Mayor of London, The Right Honorable Alderman William Russell, visited a number of City sites as part of an initiative to encourage people people back into the City of London. On May 20th he visted Dowgate fire station, the last of the LFB fire stations situated within the City of London. He was accompanied by members of his own Office together with Sheriff Christopher Hayward and Alderman Alison Gowman, the elected Alderman for the Ward of Dowgate.
The Lord Mayor was afforded a good view of the City from the platform of one of the new LFB 32m turntable ladders, brought to Dowgate from Old Kent Road fire station. The Lord Mayor is pictured about to go aloft in the TL and then posing on the forecourt of Dowgate fire station with the crew from Old Kent Road and the Borough Commander Dave Bulbrook (centre) and Jim Chapman, the incoming Borough Commander, to the right. As always, the Fire
 Investigation Dog, Simba, was a great attaction for the visitors.
Dave Bulbrook has been a very good friend to our Company during his period as Borough Commander and has shown a lot of interest in our activities. Shortly after this photograph was taken he retired from the LFB, but we hope to continue our productive association with him in the near future.
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