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 Jump for Jeanne
Not many women could persuade a man to jump out of a plane but Liveryman Jeanne Brinton is a force to be reckoned with. Many members of the Company will be familiar with Jeanne, a staunch supporter of our events and of other City activities. However, Jeannne has both glaucoma and macula degeneration, chronic eye conditions which have led to a progressive loss of her vision. Jeanne’s awareness and navigation of her surroundings is now predominately through sound and touch, and is heavily reliant upon technology and assistance from others able to assist her. Enter Past Master Alan Wells, often to be seen accompanying Jeanne to our events and ensuring that she is able to engage with as
many members as possible.
EarlierthisyearPMWells(pictured underneath the host) volunteered to make a tandem parachute jump over Kent to raise money for the Kent Association for the Blind, a charitable organisation which has done much to make Jeanne aware of technological gadgets that can assist her to manage everyday tasks sighted people take for granted. These include adaptations to her mobile phone that enable a camera to read printed text to her, devices which help her locate a variety of household objects and a device hooked onto the edge of a cup which gives an audible indication of the level of liquid poured into the cup.
In May PM Wells took off from Headcorn airport with a highly trained parachute instructor, in perfect weather conditions, and climbed to 12,000 feet before making a freefall jump, his first. Thanks to the donations from members of our Company and from others the sum raised for the Kent Association for the Blind was £2,200. Congratulations to PMWellsforundertakingsucha challenging and worthy venture.
Our picture show PM Wells during the jump. He enjoyed it so much he says he might try another.
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David Holt Under Warden

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