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not only now but for the long-term future needs of the Company for minimum cost.
The second task was to make contact with the whole membership to establish everybody’s health and well-being and to provide assistance where we could to those in need. Peter Cowland, Honorary Almoner, has led on this issue with the support of all of the ESCB members, making contact at least twice since the lockdown. We have had Members and their families who have demonstrated clear symptoms of COVID-19, some of which have been confirmed by testing and we have had Members and families who have suffered from other illness and, sadly, bereavement. We are up to a staggering figure of 207 of the Membership, including those who reside as far away as Portugal, Germany and Manilla. We are still pursuing the remaining three Members of the 210 whose contact details are incorrect or are in other locations. If ever there was a demonstration of need for an Honorary Almoner and the effectiveness of their work then Peter Cowland has proved that beyond any doubt. I am sure the Membership will join me in recording our grateful thanks for his diligent and continued work.
To give you just an insight into some of the more major items the ESCB has completed or are currently progressing, here is a sample below:
1. The establishment of a Member database for recording contact dates and times and any issues that arise for action.
2. The preparation and issue of fortnightly Information Bulletins to all Members on activities.
3. Appointment of Geoff Fall as the Finance Manager/Assistant Clerk (FMAC). Over-seeing
the handover from the retiring Honorary Treasurer and Assistant Clerk to be completed by the end of June 2020.
4. “Furlough” arrangements for Ann Bennett, our Book-Keeper, and application for obtaining 80% salary from the HM Government Scheme. Liaison with the Wax Chandlers to explore a rent rebate for the period that the Hall is closed, if they receive a grant from HM Government to cover income losses along with a reduction in business rate payments.
5. Production of revised Financial Regulations for inclusion in Standing Orders for all Company financial matters linked to the Role and Responsibilities of the FMAC.
6. Appointment of a Company IT Manager to develop, implement and manage a replacement iCloud-based IT System with
data storage, system security, password and shared access, along with a Company IT Strategy and User Policy. The purchase and commissioning of two new Laptop Computers for The Clerk and FMAC.
7. Liaison and returns on Company activity to the Livery Movement.
8. Maintenance and Monitoring of the Company’s Financial position.
From Bulletin No. 3 Members will be ware that, having very carefully considered the long-term effects and possible scenarios of the COVID-19 Pandemic in
the medium term, the ESCB will continue to operate at least until the end of October 2020. We have established a principle that, until all our membership is safe to travel and enjoy our fellowship together as we have witnessed for over three decades, we will not take risks with the health, safety or welfare of any of our Members.
When normality returns, whatever that looks like, the ESCB is totally committed to ensuring there will be no significant matters outstanding and that the Company can move forward in the future with confidence and strength.
Finally, on behalf of all ESCB members and the Company I would like to record our grateful thanks to three retiring Officers of the Company for all their contributions, guidance and hard work over many years. To Michael Lever, Stephen Sanders and Ian Parlane we wish you many years of health and happiness.
In the meantime, to you, your families and friends remain safe and well.
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Graham Maltby ESCB Chair

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