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City of London Corporation Press Office
   starting up again, but when we do it WILL be for all.
On a happy note, on behalf of the Company we all wish Alan and Molly Mabbutt congratulations on their 60th wedding anniversary. Whilst their arrangements like many others had to be amended, I am sure a celebration party will
ensue when this crisis is over. When the functions do restart, and you will have been informed of this during the lockdown bulletins that are sent to you all, there will need to be some hard bargaining to try to keep the prices as reasonable as possible, but I do hope that I will see most of you at one or other of the Major functions during the year. If only 30% of the Members along with 1 guest turn up at each function, we could easily fill most of the Livery Halls in the City, above 50% with a guest, would mean that we would be starting to look at some of the more prestigious Halls or even Mansion House!
Well I think that that is enough from me, hoorah I hear you cry!, but as you are all aware, I always finish by saying it is an HONOUR to be your Clerk, and to be of SERVICE to you, I thank you for your FELLOWSHIP and look forward to another year of HARMONY working with you all.
Only this year I add Stay Safe and Well, one and all.
William Russell, the 692nd Lord Mayor of the City of London, will serve an additional year in office to ensure continuity of leadership during the current COVID-19 outbreak.
The Lord Mayor was initially due to step down in November 2020 after completing a one-year term, following the scheduled election of his successor this September. He will now remain in office until November 2021, subject to being formally re- elected later this year.
The Lord Mayor acts as a global ambassador for the City, leading business delegations overseas to key international markets on behalf of the UK’s financial and professional services industry. He has also been strengthening ties with other cities across the country as part of the City of London Corporation’s UK strategy, which aims to increase inward investment and build awareness of how London can act as a global gateway for local firms to export their products and services.
The role involves meeting government representatives from around the world, alongside business leaders and policy makers both at home and abroad. Lord Mayor Russell has been continuing his domestic and international business engagement virtually during the current UK lockdown.
Lord Mayor William Russell said: “In light of the exceptional circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, this extension will provide stability
and continuity of civic leadership through the current crisis and the eventual recovery phase.
“We must focus all our efforts on supporting the City, London and the UK during these tough times. Everybody should continue to work together with the same spirit of community, resilience and support that has seen us through difficult times in the past.
“The City of London Corporation has taken urgent action to support businesses, workers and residents during the current crisis. We will continue to review what further support we can provide, while also laying the foundations for our eventual recovery by continuing work on key long-term challenges and opportunities such as fintech and green finance.
“The fundamental strengths of London will help us to recover and rebuild, as we have done before.”
The Sheriffs of the City of London, Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli and Christopher Hayward, will also serve an extra year term until September 2021. The Sheriffs and the Senior Alderman Below The Chair, Vincent Keaveny, support the Lord Mayor in his or her civic duties while also helping to promote the UK as a place to do business.
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