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are serving, who have served or who have paid the price for their diligence and their protection of our communities. It is also important that we remember the families who may have been affected by loss and tragedy.
In closing, my overriding wish and that of all my Trustees, is that you, all of your personnel and their families stay safe and well in these very difficult and sad times.
I look forward to returning to the time when we can all make Memorial Day in the way that we have done traditionally in the past.
puppies from the fire, but sadly an adult dog and another puppy died in the fire.
Firefighters administered oxygen to the surviving puppy using a specialist piece of breathing apparatus designed specifically for dogs, which is carried on all WSFRS fire engines.
Adrian Murphy, WSFRS’s Area Manager for Protection, said: “Thanks to the telecare smoke alarm we were alerted quickly which meant we were able to be on scene within a matter of minutes and rescue the couple.
“This goes to show the value of having a working smoke alarm, especially one linked to a telecare system. We would like to wish these people a very speedy recovery.”
On 4th May, ‘Firefighters Memorial Day’, our annual commemoration of the dedication, commitment and sacrifices of Firefighters across the United Kingdom, we faced a very different challenge in finding a way to mark the occasion, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
This Trust wished to support all efforts to control the spread of this dreadful virus and the impact it is having around the world and fully supported the advice of HM Government and the National Health Service regarding social distancing measures.
This moment of salute to all those who have died in the course of their duties, those who have received injuries as a result of their duties and to those whose commitment over many years has made society a safer place to live, is now an important event in the Trust calendar. Meeting all of the guidelines and restrictions, we have made arrangements for a wreath to be placed on the Firefighters Memorial in London and our Trustees will each find their own way to pay their respects and to remember.
We hope that in some way, we can all pay tribute to all of those who
Past Master Colin Livett Chair FMT
  Two people have been rescued by firefighters after a fire broke out in their flat in Angmering this morning. (11th June)
The alarm was raised after their telecare alarm system automatically alerted Joint Fire Control of the fire.
Firefighters from East Preston, Littlehampton and Worthing were mobilised to the property in Wilkinson Close.
Upon arrival, firefighters found a fire on the first floor of the property which was spreading to the roof
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space. Fire crews immediately removed one resident to safety as they had become injured trying to get to another who was trapped.
The firefighters continued through the house and fought through the fire to rescue one person who was trapped in their bedroom and brought them out to waiting SECAmb crews.
They were taken to hospital to be treated for burns and smoke inhalation.
Firefighters were also able to rescue one of the resident’s
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