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  THE SALAMANDER | July 2020
Every “Modern” Company owes much to unpaid volunteers, and our own Firefighters’ Company has been no exception. This has often meant people having to carry out duties for which they had no special training or qualification.
Ian Parlane Michael Leaver Tony Skinner Alan Mabbutt
    Such is the story of two stalwarts contribution to our development,
extensive business experience to all these roles, as well as his solid common sense and, perhaps most important of all, his bonhomie and sympathy for others. Certainly, Sir Martin saw Michael as a very loyal assistant, his presence adding to the morale in the office, as well as to reducing his considerable workload. Our thanks go to Michael for his trusted contribution to the affairs of our Company.
We must also give our thanks to two more stalwarts of the Company retiring from their posts. Standing down after many years’ service as Constable is Tony Skinner, who excelled in his role behind the scenes at all the Company functions with great decorum and humour. Also retiring along with Tony is Alan Mabutt, always a cheerful face to greet old and new Members alike. Alan Mabbutt has been a Sentinel for many years. The Clerk, in his piece will also say a few words about these stalwarts as well as saying his farewell to Stephen Sanders as his Assistant Clerk.
of the Company who are to retire from their positions of responsibility for our financial affairs in July 2020 – Michael Leaver and Ian Parlane. It is our pleasure to recognise these highly respected members who have given many years of exemplary professional service to the Company, the Master, Chairman of the Trust and the Clerk. They continue as full members of the Livery and hopefully will be actively engaged in our social affairs.
Ian Parlane was introduced to our Company by Past Master Viv. Jones, for whom he had worked, in 2008. He became a Liveryman in 2010 and was rapidly elevated to the volunteer position of Honorary Treasurer in 2010.
Ian brought an important set of skills, qualifications and experience, having also worked as a consultant for many companies. He very rapidly introduced a full set of complete and easy to understand reports to Court meetings, both for the Company and the Charitable Trust. He provided timely and accurate advice on a wide range of financialissuesandmadeamajor
immediately following a period during which we had faced various major challenges.
The sense of confidence in our financial affairs improved as a result of Ian’s generous donation of his time at a time when he also had an extremely busy day job. Ian now runs his own business and, not surprisingly, needs more time to focus his efforts there. Our thanks to Ian for his major contribution over many years and in one of our most demanding roles.
Michael Leaver was introduced to our Company in 2000 by his business friend, our late and much-missed Hon. Almoner, Terry Baldwin. Michael rapidly rose through our ranks, becoming Liveryman in 2002, joining the Finance and General Purposes Committee in 2003 and the Court in 2006.
He assumed the unpaid role of Assistant Clerk (Finance) in 2007 and retired from this role at the same time as Sir Martin Bonham ceased to be our Clerk in 2014. Two years later he became Chairman of our renamed Finance Committee. Michael brought his
Past Masters
Vivian Jones and James Blott
 Robert Farquhar Editor
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