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Alistair Milner Sentinel
 London Fire Brigade News Desk
Liveryman Alistair Milner, a Fire Safety Advisor, shares his recent experiences during lockdown.
For approximately 13 years from May 2003 until July 2016, I worked for the Property Services department of Worcestershire County Council looking after almost 300 schools, and my wife’s school was one of the schools close to my home. Since the UK government have issued guidance to primary schools,
I have been liaising with the site manager of my wife’s school called St. Anne’s CE Primary School in Bewdley, Worcestershire to help the school comply with the requirements of the recently issued guidance notes - including reviewing and updating their school fire risk assessment report (actually carried out by me a
few years ago), reviewing and updating their fire evacuation plan, preparing personal emergency evacuation plans (PEEPs) for several young children, reviewing andupdatingtheirfiresafetypolicy document, providing advice about repositioning their external fire assembly point upon the main playground, providing suitable internal fire safety signage and way guidance markings creating a partial one way system for both children and adults to maintain 2m of social distancing; reviewing and updating their asset management building condition, suitability and sufficiency and lastly, their health and safety policies.
In addition, when all of the internal
alterations, fire safety related procedures and documents are completed, I have been asked to provideseveralfiresafetybriefings/ tutorials etc. to all staff and a few school governors to ensure that everyone in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 are safe to return to school to continue with the educational needs of the young children.
Millions of lifesaving Personal Protective Equipment has been processed and delivered by Brigade staff to health and care workers combating COVID-19 across the capital.
The Brigade and military have played integral roles in getting this vital equipment into the hands of frontline workers in each of the 32 London boroughs and the City of London.
Testimony to the hard work of staff
In the capital, the London Fire Brigade has transformed a former Brigade Distribution Centre in South London into the Operation
Seacole distribution hub. From this hub they deliver masks, gloves and eye protection to 33 local authority centres and London partners including police services and Transport for London. The Brigade receives orders from the health service, care homes, doctor’s surgeries and mortuaries who need PPE for their staff.
Andy Roe, London Fire Commissioner, said:
“To have processed and delivered 10 million pieces of vital PPE to people working to combat COVID-19 is astounding and a testimony to the hard work of our staff.
As well as maintaining a full
emergency fire and rescue service, staff across the Brigade have stepped up to help vulnerable Londoners, prevent the spread of COVID-19 and assist our emergency and health partners.
“Throughout our 150 year history, London Fire Brigade has played a key role in times of crisis and this is the same today. I’m extremely proud of our staff who are going above and beyond to protect the capital.”
The emergency PPE is procured both internationally and domestically through an increasing number of UK firms.
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