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  THE SALAMANDER | July 2020
  can just defer, or shift it elsewhere; Part of my role during those early weeks was to give advice on risk profilesandmitigationsteps,using the rapidly changing information to establish a suitable fire service provision.
Gatwick FRS works extremely closely with our supporting local Authority FRS’s, West Sussex & Surrey. The relationship has once again proved invaluable, as the two operations began to be challenged in different ways the personal communications and updates have allowed us all to remain completely clear on how each is resourced and coping under these unpresented challenges.
Our service uses Operational Guidance Notices (OGN), to give direction on certain elements of our work, at the outset of the pandemic a specific COVID-19 OGN was developed in an attempt to describe how we would deliver our operation in an extremely challenging period of time. We are currently on our fifth version! With
a few appendices thrown in for good measure.
Currently the skies remain very quiet, along with the airports. That said, we are beginning to get a feel of what a route back to normality might look like. I’m hoping the ‘new normal’ as it’s widely being referred to, is more of a temporary normal. PPE solutions, along with advances in medical science and infrastructure engineered solutions are paving a way to a slow, phased, safe return to commercial air travel. Rest assured we are working hard to develop these solutions and keeping everything crossed while we do it.
 Simon Petts
CFO Gatwick Airport
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