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COVID-19 positive environment.
• Training volunteer fire fighters to drive SECAmb Ambulances and work alongside paramedics to provide resilience in the event of high sickness levels amongst ambulance service colleagues.
• Assembly of visors for the local NHS Trust General Hospital.
• Managing the procurement of consumable PPE nationally on behalf of the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) and locally on behalf of the KRF for all non NHS organisations in Kent & Medway. This involved identifying potential suppliers, confirming the product offered met the appropriate standards, informing partners of the potential supply options, aggregating orders for bulk pricing and arranging onwards distribution of deliveries within the county.
• Working with the Home Office and NFCC to help identify ‘best practice’ amongst Fire & Rescue Services, ensuring suitable risk assessments and guidance are in place to help support local delivery.
As we move on through the pandemic we remain at a high state of readiness to respond to emerging community requirements.
David Bulbrook is LFB Borough Commander City of London. He is stationed at Dowgate Fire Station, the only remaining fire station in the City, and he is a good friend of the Worshipful Company of Firefighters.
 Mark Rist
Brigade Manager Kent FRS
The London Fire Brigade (LFB) has evolved over many years in its role supporting the community. Our firefighters have adapted to the new and significant challenges our capital is facing due to COVID-19. We have been, of course, prepared to assist other partners to help those in need, taking every safety precaution necessary to protect both our communities and our staff In response to the pandemic.
We have over 600 volunteers who have stepped up to support the capital’s response. Over 300 have been used to drive ambulances and support health partners and the London Ambulance Service (LAS).Othershavebeendeployed assisting with recovering of those who had died away from hospitals. This work has been emotional and required special skills and great sensitivity. The LFB’s wider contribution has continued in the community by delivering
medicines, care packages and food to vulnerable Londoners who are being shielded from COVID-19. We have helped to deliver over 10 million items of PPE to health workers. Firefighters from The City’s fire station at Dowgate and all of London’s boroughs have stepped up to meet the challenges. Back in March 2020 the LFB started supporting our health colleagues. By easing the demand by driving ambulances on blue light emergency calls we have been supporting our LAS medical response colleagues in a very practical way, as well as bringing our advanced first aid skills to the scene. Crews from Dowgate supported the LAS by driving ambulances, providing support at medical emergencies and have also learnt new skills which they will bring back to the LFB.
Across London our fire crews are collecting prescriptions from pharmacies and delivering them straight to the door of those being
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