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Raising the Company’s profile on social media
 Effective communication is the key to ensuring that as wide an audience as possible know who we are and what we stand for. In the Company we deploy a variety of media to achieve this, both printed and online. Facebook is just one communication platform that enables the Company to reach like-minded individuals who share our ethos and interests.
The recent publicity around Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has overshadowed what is a very useful and importantly, cost effective tool. It is free to use and, aside from the assembling of content, is low in terms of its management and administration overhead. Our plan is for the Company’s Facebook page to build interesting content, not just news, although of course it is an excellent way of celebrating successful events and the Company’s activities.
Over the coming months we hope to bringinterestingitems,firerelated, both contemporary and historical, so that members can comment and add to the information provided. The Fire Service College library has been an invaluable source of information led by its formidable librarian, Carole.
Her encyclopaedic knowledge of
Reaching out to raise the profile of the Worshipful Company of Firefighters.
the library’s contents has been enormously helpful in starting the process of building suitable material for the Company’s Facebook page.
We hope to develop content that will be shared and reach people in different spheres, some in the industries related to fire, who may be intrigued to learn more about us. If you attending an event that
you feel other members have missed or would have enjoyed feel free to send it to the PRM Committee to go onto Facebook. Please include captions or notes about attendees, etc.
Anyone who has dipped a toe into the world of social media is only too aware of how it can be misused. There is ample evidence of that on the other side of the Atlantic. Content will be appropriate and intended by association to reinforce the standing of the Company in the public perception. We would welcome constructive criticism and suggestions for current or future use. Anniversaries, notable dates and historical incidents will all be covered in due course as we build a content database. Please visit the Facebook page and share the development of another Company initiative.
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Andrew Morgan
PR & Marking Committee

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