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Clothed in the Livery
September 16th 2016
Ken Williams
Maurice Hester
November 16th 2016
Chris Drew
Graham Woodhouse
March 17th 2017
Mark Anthony Rist
John Dowsett
June 17th 2017
Kenneth Palen
Admitted to Freedom
September 16th 2016
Barbara Akers
Richard James Lavender
November 16th 2016
Patricia Boswell Stephen McKensie David Ramscar David Smith
March 17th 2017
Robert Attwood Ben Sargent-Cain Ian Withey
Dennis Livingstone Robert Hughes
June 17th 2017
Michael Rollings Jeff Williams
Forthcomming Events
Fri 7th @ 15:15 Common Hall & Re-Dedication
Fri 11th @ 09:00 Visit to Lindisfarne Island Tue 22nd @ 15:00 Visit to St Bride’s Church & London Gin Factory
Fri 8th @ Company Golf Day
Sun 10th @ 12:30 FMT Int’l Service of Remembrance & Wreath Laying Ceremony Wed 20th - 21st Emergency Services Show Fri 29th @ 18:00 Firefighters Charity Ball
Wed 4th @ 18:30 The Fire Lecture
Fri 20th @ 18:30 St Florian’s Installation Dinner
Mon 6th @ 10:00 RBL Garden of Remembrance Tue 7th @ 18:00 City Dinner
Fri 15th @ 18:30 Christmas Carol Service
Tue 23rd @ 19:00 Dinner for Liverymen
Fri 23rd @ 18:30 Massey Shaw Dinner
All the events above can be viewed on our website where any additional information can be found.
 In Memoriam
Liveryman Michael Doherty Liveryman Maitre Andrew Vicari Past Master Beryl Jeffery
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