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From the Clerk
Steven Tamcken
At this time of year, as we all know, everyone’s attention is drawn to the festive season and the New Year, along with the usual overeating, spending and hope that the resolutions made will “this year” last.
However, after the recent dreadful events that took place near Fishmongers’ Hall, may I ask you to remember that the society we now all live in, requires each and everyone of us to be vigilant and aware of where we are and what goes on around us, particularly at this time of year.
The Master and I attended a briefing recently regarding the threat to all members of the public, but also to those using Livery Halls. One of the recommendations, from many, that the CoL Police team is for each Hall and indeed each Livery Company to undertake a risk assessment on any event that it may be holding, and with this in mind, I am sure that our future events will be slightly amended to ensure that this will happen.
The CoL Police, do have a very
useful on-line training course for all members of the public, and is free to use, called Act E-Learning : https:// act-awareness-elearning, please look and take the training, as we are all helpful eyes and ears to the Police.
The current Master and I have, so far this year, been incredibly busy being the ambassador’s for and promoting of the Worshipful Company, and it seems that the Livery year is now becoming very busy all year round instead of the cycles that used to be the way.
The Company has been fortunate in that we have been able to bring back the Fire Lecture, and thanks to Liveryman Peter Holland and the team behind him assisting in this, the re-branded Worshipful Company of Firefighters Fund Raising Dinner which was another super success, and no doubt there will be a report elsewhere in the magazine on this, but thanks to Court Assistant Stephen Neville and his trusted team of assistants in making this the spectacular success it was.
The annual Carol service was another success, with the new format for the reception afterwards generally well received, with over 60 members and guests in attendance.
The St Florian Installation Dinner was another success for the Company and particularly the Master, and I know that she is looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the forthcoming Massey Shaw Dinner in March.
The Company is now well ensconced in our home at the Wax Chandlers’ and the clerk’s office is always open to anyone who may wish to drop by for a coffee and chat. There will however in the new year be some changes, Stephen Sanders, the Assistant Clerk has
decided that his other role within the Company – that of Renter Warden this year and subject to election Upper Warden next year, precludes him from continuing, so early in the New Year there will be an email asking for expressions of interest for the role. With Stephen’s “retirement” this gives the Company an opportunity to look at the way that the Office as a whole works and to maximise its efficiency and effectiveness for the Company. This review will also be taking place early next year.
As some of you may know, the Company has now become a Incorporated Charity and this has meant that the Charitable Trust has had to change its Charity Number with the Charity Commission. This means that the Company and the Charitable Trust, has to now change all the members gift aid forms and donations to the Charitable trust, and therefore there will be a new set of forms sent out to each of the members to re-new, amend, sign up to and commit to donating to the Charitable Trust to allow the Company to continue the great work that it does.
The new payment system, Go Cardless, which has been operating for a while now has been seen as a better and more flexible way of collecting quarterage, donations etc. and this may be further rolled out throughout the year.
A quick reminder to you all, that to become a Liveryman is Honour and that the criteria is quite simple:
1) You must be a Freeman of the Company,
2) You must have paid your Livery Fine (this was the enhanced payments you made when you first joined in most cases)
3) You must be a Freeman of the City of London.
Most of the Freemen of the Company have already completed 1 and 2, but still need to complete
    Steve Tamcken Clerk The WCoFF
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