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                                  BRIGADE NEWS
Freedom of the City
Devon & Somerset
New MOU Signed
   CFO Thomas Krosnchang & John Mansfield (Master WCoFF)
“Guten Tag. Ich freue mich, Sie kennenzulernen und in London willkommen zu heißen”* was not something The Master ever anticipated he might have to say during his year .
He did however when he greeted Bavarian Fire Chief Thomas Krosnchang at the Guildhall on the 2nd October. The Master had been kindly invited to a Freedom of the City Ceremony for Herr Krosnchang courtesy of The Master Clockmaker and he realised that this was the first opportunity he had had to visit the Chamberlain’s Court since he obtained his own Freedom on 10th October 1985 .
Recruit training at the Severn Park Fire and Rescue Training Centre
The first new wholetime firefighters to join Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service for eight years have successfully completed their initial training.
The 15 new starters, five of whom are women, have all passed the initial recruit training at the Severn Park Fire and Rescue Training Centre, Avonmouth.
The recruitment campaign began in December last year and there were more than 2,822 applications. The process was seen as an opportunity to challenge and alter outdated perceptions of the role of a firefighter by attracting a broader range of applicants.
MOU supports exchange of staff with SWAST HART & DSFRS USAR/MTFA
Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service and the Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) have engaged in a collaboration that promotes both community safety and effective response in the case of emergencies.
Rowan Delasalle - Station Manager National Resilience, said“ThebenefitsarethatUrban Search & Rescue (USAR) and HART are trained in the same skills. If a terrorist incident were to take place we would respond together as one team. The USAR team will be up-skilled in our first aid ability and HART in their Urban Search and Rescue skills. We will be familiar with each other’s kit but the greatest
The ceremony was conducted
by Laura Miller, DeputyChiefFireOfficerLeeHowellbenefitisthatwegettoknow Chamberlain, who carefully said: “The Fire and Rescue each other.”
explained many of the artefacts on display in the Court to the obvious delighted German visitors. At the end of the afternoon Thomas presented a bronze plaque of St Florian to the Master which can now be viewed in the office at Insurance Hall.
*Goodafternoon.Iamdelightedto meet you and welcome to London
John Mansfield
Worshipful Company of Firefighters
Service in Devon and Somerset attend a wide range of emergency calls, including medical calls to patients having heart attacks, as well as providing major trauma care to people in need. The increasingly complex environment where the Fire and Rescue Service needs to be ready to deal with chemical incidents or terrorist attacks means that we need to train our Firefighters with a wider range of skills and techniques than ever before.
The exchange involves staff from HART operative working their shift alongside USAR whilst a USAR/MTFA technician works their shift alongside HART. Each member of staff will remain under the command and control of their employer while working, training and responding with their host organisations.
Peter Hopkins
PR & Marketing Committee Worshipful Company of Firefighters
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