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                                NEW MEMBERS
Tim Hailes
Tim Hailes is Alderman for the Ward of Bassishaw and is also a liveryman of the Worshipful Companies of Solicitors, International Bankers and Pewterers.
He will become Sheriff in the City of London in 2017. He is also a magistrate on the Central London bench, a member of Chattam House and a churchwarden at St Lawrence Jewry.
Tim graduated in history from King’s College but later qualified as a solicitor in 1995. He has enjoyed good experience in both the political arena as well as forging a career in banking and law working within leading companies such as J.P. Morgan and Union Bank of Switzerland. He is currently co-head of the Global Equities Practice Group of the Corporate and Investment Bank legal department.
Simon Petts
Simon began his service career with the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy in 1985. He spent nine years in the service covering risks ranging from the flightdeck
of HMS Illustrious to most of the Navy’s air stations.
Simon left the Navy in 1994 and joined Gatwick Airports Fire Service.He has been involved in the training side of Gatwick’s operation since 1997 and has delivered many courses as an instructor and course director.
Currently Simon holds the position of Chairman for the Airports Fire Officers Association (AFOA), whose membership includes over 90% of the UK’s aviation based fire and rescue services, promoting inter agency knowledge sharing.
Members who swore their Freedom in the year were:
April 2016
Mark Rist
November 2015
Simon Petts, Michael Akers, Douglas Vaughan and Ron Dobson September 2015
Ken Williams - Ken has also become a Sentinel in the Company
Members taking livery in the year were:
June 2016
Alderman Tim Hailes and Andrew Cutbill
November 2015
Ron Dobson and David Holt
September 2015
Jeanne Brinton
Past Master Geoff Morgan with the coveted Firefighters’ trophy 2015
On September 4th, a posse of WCoFF golfers, led by Past Master Jeremy Beech, defended the honour of the Company at the autumn livery company golf tournament at the Wildernesse Golf course in Kent. The match with the Painter Stainers is now extended to include one or two other Liveries. This makes for a very happy day with plenty of banter and friendly rivalry in wonderful surroundings and some real friendships are formed. The event was Jeremy’s last as Golf Secretary, a post he is relinquishing after 15 years! So we are looking for a golfer to take over the job, which entails not much more than being the point of contact with other Livery Companies. Anyone wishing to take over should contact Jeremy.
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