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                                A REVIEW OF OUR YEAR
The Fire Lecture 2016 remembered the Great Fire of London 1666
  The 6th Annual Fire Lecture was held at the Insurance Hall during the evening of the 7th July. Samuel Pepys, Christopher Wren, John Evelyn, Nicholas Barbon, Robert Hubert and Thomas Farynor, cleverly portrayed by artists of Spectrum Drama, enthusiastically entertained an almost capacity audience, reliving the life and times of 1666.
James Dalton, a Director of the Association of British Insurers, captured the plight of London in those times, to describe how the emergence of fire insurance and the development of firefighting had influenced the growth, strength and resilience of the City today. Dr Christine Rigden, Sheriff of the City of London, brought the lecture to a close with an address which reinforced the value of insurance and appropriate regulation to safeguard the City and briefly described the City Corporation’s initiatives to celebrate this 350th anniversary.
The Master and Wardens hosted a splendid buffet reception afterwards for guests and delegates who enjoyed a memorable occasion.
Photographs by: Kieran Hancock
Non Aldermanic Sheriff Dr Christine Rigden and Bruce Hoad, Master Worshipful Company of Firefighters enjoying the play.
An audience from a great number of sectors within the fire industry enjoying the presentation of the play.
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