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                                A REVIEW OF OUR YEAR
Master Ron Murray (2015-16) Jailed & Bailed for “impersonating a fireman”
  Wednesday 29 June 2016 saw many brave livery masters take part in the annual “Jailed and Bailed” event for the British Red Cross.
After being arrested in the wonderful surroundings of Mansion House the Masters, including our own, were read their charges and arrested by members of the City Of London police force.
They were then marched to the Tower of London, where they were served ‘bread and water’, and posted their bail.
The event raised £37,348 – and every pound will make a real and vital difference to the work of the British Red Cross.
The British Red Cross City of London Sector could not exist without the unstinting support and friendship the charity enjoys from so many people within the Square Mile. The Jailed & Bailed event is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this with both old and new friends and supporters.
The money raised then enables the British Red Cross to help people in crisis, both here in the UK and around the world, when there is no one
else to turn to. This year, millions of people will depend on the Red Cross and your support means that they can be there when it counts.
Master Ron Murray off to jail.
2016 was the thirteenth “Jailed & Bailed” event which to date has seen 203 normally upstanding members of the City Of London arrested for heinous crimes. These have included falsely impersonating Robin Hood, concealing 3ft pokers and even our own Master, being denounced as impersonating a Fireman!
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